Libya Ibraren, a new Amazigh TV in Libya


Having a satellite TV in Tamazight as a language of broadcasting in Libya was a dream hard to be achieved. However, the wind of change has made it possible with the sweeping away of the Kaddafi regime that put a total control on the Media and didn’t recognize the right of Imazighen in having their own channel.

On January the 13th, 2013 a new Amazigh channel came into existence.  It was named “LIBYA IBRAREN’’.  Since its launch Libya IBRAREN has made a full use of Tamazight in its programs.

The most remarkable work of this channel was broadcasting live from Paris the International Conference on Libya in Tamazight.

For the interested audience all that they can do is turning their satellite receivers to the following frequency: Nile Sat (H 11525).


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